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Currency Computing is a software development company with a rich level of experience developing on most mainstream platforms. We specialize in building maintainable, correct software applications.

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We plan and develop your ideas making them come to life. From eCommerce to enterprise our design abilities provide a sound foundation for any company.

Distributed Applications

We are industry experts experienced in building and designing multi-processed, distributed & decentralized applications specializing in immutable data interfaces to ensure consistent, high availability products.


A strong foundation and sound infrastructure are synonymous. Our speedy deployment options allow us to cover your internal infrastructure needs from customer support to accounting.

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The best the industry has to offer.

Project Planning

We architect your project using the industry's best practices accounting for future growth building a solid foundation for your platform.


Tracking activity within your app is crucial to improving user satisfaction and tailoring your app to your target audience. Let us do the heavy big data lifting and spend more time running your company.


With our large base of experience ranging from C++, Python to Haskell, we have the necessary experience to finish your project if you've already started it or update your codebase.


Building correct software means building a solid foundation first. For you and your user's security, we guarantee the fortification of our applications from front end to back by rigorously testing for vulnerabilities.


Your front end is a direct reflection of your commitment to your users. Make the best decision by catering directly to them using their feedback and our expertise.

Website Design

We build your website using industry best practices using an elegant flat design philosophy to keep your image as organized and professional as possible.

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